Traditional outdoor games: so valuable!!

La pétanque, les billes et la Marelle

Last Monday, we played 3 popular games during the day. These helped the children learn and follow rules but not only. They are an invaluable resource to learning and can be played almost everywhere with rarely some equipment.

To play these games they had to measure, count, use fine motor skills and thinking skills. Once they learned how to play they were in charge.

First la pétanque – how are we going to know which bowl is the closest to the “cochonnet” (the jack)? They came up with different strategies. They decided to use the ruler in the end.

Then, it was time to play and keep track of the results with tally marks. 

La marelle (hopscotch)

They had to trace the numbers, and throw a little pebble on the right spot. Then it was time to jump and keep the balance.

Finally, the children built some marble runs and played in the sand in pairs.

Don’t hesitate to play too;-)

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