Six B

Week of April 22

Due dates:

Monday, April 22: Rules 16 & 17 should be complete. We will work on 18, 19 in class.

Monday, April 22: Read up to page 182 for the afternoon class.

Thursday, April 25: Graded grammar exercise on phrases (rules 16 and 17).

Thursday, April 25: Read to Chapter 32 (page 208) for the afternoon class.

More reading pages will be set for next week.

Grade 7

Week of April 22

MAKE UPS:  Ariana, you have an essay assignment to make up.


Wednesday/Thursday: Graded exercise on adj. and adv. clauses. Be ready on Wednesday.

READING DUE Wed., May 1 – We’ll set pages on Thursday.

Mockingbird – read to p.

Mississippi Trial – read to p.

Miss Malone – read to p.

The Help -read to  p.