English 6 and English 7

Dear Students: Assignments and due dates are moving to Google Classroom. Check “Due Dates and Homework” at the top of the Classwork page or on the Stream. Thank you, The Management (Ms. Evans)

Grade 6

April 14 – April 21


1.  A NIGHT DIVIDED written questions on Wed., April 15.

2. A NIGHT DIVIDED project due on April 21 (Tues.). You may turn it in earlier.

3. Add to your E-journal every few days.



7 – April 14 – April 17

Weekend: Read pages 155-165 in Mississippi Trial. Read to the break in p. 165.

This week in class we will focus on reading and vocabulary from Mississippi Trial. 


Flashcard tips:

  1. word
  2. part of speech
  3. short, easily understood definitions … you may use the exact def. from the book if it helps you
  4. a clue to help you remember the word
  5. example sentences