English 6 and English 7

What should go on your flashcards?

  1. word
  2. part of speech
  3. short, easily understood definitions … you may use the exact def. from the book if it helps you
  4. a clue to help you remember the word
  5. example sentences

6 -Week of Feb. 24 … Third trimester!

Weekend – Read Chapters 15 & 16 in A Night Divided.

Monday – Finish Lesson 11 vocabulary exercises.

Tuesday – Lesson 12 (a review of lessons 9-11) is due on THURSDAY. … Reading or writing may be assigned.

Wednesday – Lesson 12 vocab. exercises are due tomorrow.

Thursday – Conferences tomorrow. You will have a Lesson 12 vocabulary quest on Monday. This includes words from lessons 9 through 11. 

Reading or other work may be assigned throughout the week.


7 – WEEK OF FEB. 24

Fill up your pledge sheets! Each runner should try to raise a total of $55. Pledge sheets are due on March 2. 

Parts-of-speech review quest on Monday, Feb. 24.