English 6 and English 7

What should go on your flashcards?

  1. word
  2. part of speech
  3. defintion clue
  4. all definitions
  5. example sentence

6 -Week of Jan.13

Week of Jan. 13

Your conflict poem will be due in Google Classroom by Tuesday, Jan. 14

Monday – Vocab quest today on Wordly Wise lessons 1 & 2. Ms. Evans will be out.

Poem One is due (typed) on Tuesday.  Submit it through Google Classroom. Ms. Evans will be back.

Tuesday – Do Rule 9 in the blue grammar book for tomorrow.

Wednesday – Rule 10

Thursday – Rule 11

Friday – grammar quest next week … review rules 9, 10, 11 on pronouns this weekend


7 – Week of Jan. 13


Monday – none

Tuesday & Wednesday – READ and DO pages 38-51 on verbs in Richbaub’s grammar.

Thursday –  Correct parts-of-speech quest. We will make another plan if you are absent.

Friday – One hour of reading. Write down any new/unfamiliar vocabulary words you come across. Note the page number. Bring the words with you to class on Tuesday.