Dear Students,

Gulf Stream School is closed due to COVID-19. Your child’s teachers have put together assignments for students to do remotely until school resumes. Please be patient and flexible with the faculty as we try remote learning for the first time, on a large scale. We will continue to be in contact with all Gulf Stream School Families throughout the closure and over Spring Break. Please find below a message from your child’s teacher.

We will be continuing our work this week in Latin class. You will be working on Google Docs and sharing their work with me. I will be available on Google Messages and Google Hangouts to jump on your document and help out. You are welcome to use their textbooks, the online Cambridge Latin Dictionary, any resource other than Google Translate (it is not so reliable for Latin sentences).

5th grade:

5A Wednesday – Google Drive Assignment

5B Tuesday – Google Drive Assignment
Thursday – Story Time

6th grade:

Tuesday: Vibe Check

Wednesday: OPEN BOOK Verb Test

Thursday: OPEN BOOK Translation

7th grade:

Tuesday: Vibe Check

Wednesday: OPEN BOOK Verb work

Thursday: OPEN BOOK Translation


8th grade:

Tuesday: Vibe Check

Wednesday: Pyramus and Thisbe Translation

Thursday: Pyramus and Thisbe Translation

Parents should be prepared to facilitate the process, but not to complete work for you guys. Again, please feel free to contact me or Bridget Langford, blangford@gulfstreamschool.org or Danielle Cooper, dcooper@gulfstreamschool.org with questions on troubleshooting.


Giulia Fiorile