There will also be a quiz or test on every Thursday.

5th Grade: (6th graders, please scroll down for 6th grade assignment.)

Homework: First project: Trash to Treasure due March 11.

THE FIRST ASSIGNMENT:  The ultimate recycling project is turning trash into treasure.  Using discarded materials, make something beautiful. You must turn in a finished project not just an idea. There are many “Life Hacks” or “5 minute crafts” videos on youtube. Find a couple you like and try them. Pick the one you like best. Finish it off nicely and turn it in. Your treasure doesn’t have to be functional. It can be simply a lovely piece of art – Ars gratia artis. If it also has a utilitarian purpose, than all the better.

Second project: Constellation project due March 11 (yes, both projects are due on March 11)

THE SECOND ASSIGNMENT: Using the internet, you should get a map of the night sky when you were born. Hand draw 4 constellations that are visible on your birthday. Show where someone could find them when stargazing. What time are they visible? Report on an ancient story about one of those constellations. You do not have to use Latin/Greek stories. There are Druid, Nordic, Arabic, Native American, Indian, Chinese,  African, etc. stories as well.

Due to the Orlando travelers,  half (questions 1-5) the TEST will be taken on Patterns in the Sky on March 6.  The other half (questions 6-9) will be on March 20. (Yes the day before spring break). Many of you did much better on the last test because you made a slide show as a study guide.  Make a similar study guide for this test for your own benefit.

  1. How does gravity work on Earth? 
  2.  Is gravity always the same on Earth? 
  3. A kicked soccer ball will fall back to Earth. Why does a rocketship not crash back into the Earth?
  4. How does the Sun’s gravity affect Earth?
  5. Why do we have time zones?
  6. What is the difference between Earth’s rotation and Earth’s revolution?
  7. Why does the Earth have seasons?
  8. What are the phases of the moon?
  9. Draw one constellation that is visible on your birthday.

6th Grade:


Read and fill in pages 280 – 289 by Feb 28

Read and fill in pages 293 – 304 by Mar 6

Read and fill in pages 305 – 314 by Mar 13

TEST on Chapter 7 on Mar 13

  1. What are the layers of the Earth?
  2. Since no one has ever gone down below the crust, What evidence do we have for the different layers?
  3. What is a mineral? Give 4 examples.
  4. What is an igneous rock? Give two examples.
  5. What is a sedimentary rock?  Give two examples.
  6. What is a metamorphic rock?  Give two examples.
  7. What is the main rock of South Florida? How did it get there?
  8. Draw a diagram of the Rock Cycle? Give examples of each phase.

Birthstone Project due on March 10. The month you were born has a birthstone associated with it. Using the internet or library, research that birthstone. Give a report that describes the stone. What is the stone’s chemical formula? Where do we find the stone occurring naturally? What is the stone’s hardness? Can you get a sample of the stone? How did the stone get named? What is the stone used for?